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November 2, 2024
8 p.m.

Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schoenberg

  • Jennifer Piazza-Pick, voice

  • ​Angel Gil-Ordóñez, conductor

  • Carrie Rose, flute / piccolo

  • Cheryl Hill, clarinet / bass clarinet

  • Sandy Choi, violin / viola

  • Tobias Werner, cello

  • Elizabeth Hill, piano

150th anniversary of Arnold Schoenberg’s birth 1874-2024

Along with Stravinsky's Rite of Spring,
Arnold Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire revolutionized music in the early 20th century.  

Igor Stravinsky called it "the solar plexus as well as the mind of early 20th-century music." 

Schoenberg's eerie, hyper-expressive Pierrot Lunaire (translated as Moonstruck Pierrot) is performed in the other-worldly Sprechstimme style that mixes speech and song.  The performer sings precisely notated rhythms and pitches while also swooping and falling in exaggerated speech and whispers.


Pierrot, the Renaissance theater ‘sad clown’ character, is at the center of the melodrama.  The three sets of seven lush poems by Albert Giraud outline his emotional trajectory from love to crime to a return home.

Jennifer Piazza-Pick 3 - Small.jpg

Jennifer Piazza-Pick, voice

Translation of 1st poem:


1. Mondestrunken (Drunk with Moonlight)

The wine that one drinks with one's eyes

Is poured down in waves by the moon at night,

And a spring tide overflows

The silent horizon.


Lusts, thrilling and sweet

Float numberless through the waters!

The wine that one drinks with one's eyes

Is poured down in waves by the moon at night.


The poet, urged on by his devotions,

Becomes intoxicated with the sacred beverage;

Enraptured, he turns toward heaven

His head, and, staggering, sucks and sips

The wine that one drinks with one's eyes.

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