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November 3, 2018



Carrie Rose, flute

Cheryl Hill, clarinet

Andrew Wilson, trumpet

Elizabeth Field, violin

Uri Wassertzug, viola

Jodi Beder, cello

Jeremy Lyons, guitar


  • 'Serenade Op. 25' by Ludwig van Beethoven

  • World Premiere:  'This Time' for flute and film by Ron Toole and Carrie Rose

  • 'Music for Heart and Breath' by Richard Reed Parry

  • Four Virginian Ballads on Themes of Human Weakness for solo guitar - Movements I and II - by Lewis Krauthamer

  • 'Balance Problems' by Nico Muhly

  • 'Bladed Stance' by Marcos Balter

This Time photo snowwindow.jpg

Flute and Film:

Ron Toole and Carrie Rose premiere This Time


Classical and Pop Overlap

in music by Balter, Muhly, and Parry


Musicians + Stethoscopes

In Music for Heart and Breath, real-time heartbeats and breath determine rhythm.


Virginian popular folklore is explored by Krauthamer in his solo guitar piece.  The colorful 6th-tone scale gives 36 tones to the octave.

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